A Brain Test


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This is not just a parlour trick but a way to demonstrate how what we think is reality may not be correct.

Each of your eyes has a blank spot, where the optic nerve is attached…your brain fills those 2 blank spots in as best as it can based on several things. Remember, what is received at the back of your eye is actually upside down and it’s the brain’s job to flip it 180 degrees in order for you to function.


Based on the above demonstration, what other things do you think the brain is inadvertently “correcting” for us?


The Living Matrix Movie

I believe we have the ability to cure ourselves of disease. The Living Matrix documentary brings together some of the most brilliant minds on the subject like Bruce Lipton, Rupert Sheldrake, Lynne McTaggart, Marilyn Schlitz and others.

The version of the movie below is a bit distorted, it was improperly uploaded, but you can (like I did) purchase a copy on DVD here: The Living Matrix Movie

The Living Matrix – Film on the New Science of Healing (2010) from buzzingfly on Vimeo.