I Am Not A Seeker

About a year ago, after more than a decade of “seeking”, of defining myself as “a person who seeks”, I came to the convoluted conclusion that if I kept calling myself a “seeker” I would alway be a “seeker” and never find what I had been looking for.

It’s a problem played out every week on that TV show Hoarders, they just keep gathering stuff but are never able to see what they’ve got, they just want more! For me it was a simple shift in reality, a slight turning of the head, a change in attitude, a personal paradigm shift that made my entire outlook on life …different.

The Secret
I think it may have had something to do with one of those emails I got from signing up with The Secret mailing list, I’m not sure. I believe it’s possible to do this with any aspect of your life, make a decision to do something in a different way for a logical reason and voilà, there you go!

I Made It
Today, I am proud to say that I am no longer a seeker, I have dropped the “k” and am now a “see-er” … and the view from here is astounding!

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