INTERVIEW: Sky Sheridan of Called2Create

Sky Sheridan is the Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of Called2Create, a movement that intends to raise the conscious awareness of our freedom and power to create a world that puts people and the planet first so that we can all profit.

I spoke with him via Skype this past Wednesday about his life, his new book The Seven Shifts and the message he’s been called to share with the world.

Seeing that my first encounter with Sky and the Called2Create message was when I stumbled upon his award winning YouTube video, that’s where I started the interview…

The Interview:
(to hear Sky’s response to my question click on the ‘play’ icon below each question.)

Q1. How did the video A Creation Nation come about?

Q2. What is the mission of Called2Create?

Q3. This former model has just released his first book The Seven Shifts, out now for the Kindle and will be available in print form at the end of December. It’s both his personal memoir and a guide to achieving enlightenment. I asked Sky how he went from being a model to a spiritual guide, what some would call, “a pretty big leap”…

Q4. A lot of my own Nous Age research revolves around scientific discoveries, the Noetic sciences and specifically quantum physics. I asked Sky how important the discoveries of quantum physics are to his message?

Q5. In his book The Seven Shifts he talks about how a true consciousness shift can only take place when we shift from “living in fear to living love”…I asked him to explain…

Q6. How does the fear of death hold us back from discovering who we really are?

Q7. From the outside it may look like he’s lived a charmed life but the truth of his early life simply put, is tragic. Is it possible for somebody who’s lived a sheltered life to feel the need to become more spiritual?

Q8. If he could distill his message down to one sentence, what would it be?

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The Seven Shifts

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