Do You Déjà Vu?

I have always had déjà vu. For me it’s never been a question of if it was ‘real’ or not, for me it’s just a part of my life. What usually happens in my case is that I have a very vivid dream, unlike the dreams that I have around them. My déjà vu dreams have a kind of glow to them and I recognize them as something important and make a mental note of them. Then sometime in the future the dream comes true.

My Experience
What I’ve discovered is that the dreams seem to “come true” during stressful periods of my life. I tend to have déjà vu a couple of times a month.

While most of my déjà vu are only short glimpses the last one I had lasted 15 minutes! My heart was pounding because I knew what was going to happen, it was exilerating! In fact I was able to use my precognition to help solve a problem I was having! Crazy…here’s the story:

I’m pretty proficient in html code but this day I was under the gun to finish a website design, I was having a hard time figuring out how to make the design do what I wanted it to do and that’s when it started. As the déjà vu was progressing I remembered how I solved the problem and was able to fix the code and get the website to work.

What Is Déjà Vu
I believe that time is an illusion, that all ‘time’ exists at once. We experience time as we do so that our little brains don’t explode. Think of time as a 33 1/3 record…our perception of ‘the now’ is the needle of the record player. I think it’s possible to access the future as easily as it is to access the past but I haven’t figured how to do it in a controled way. Sometimes it happens by accident in our dream state…and that’s what we call déjà vu.

Like anything you need to practice to get better, I’ve been déjà vu-ing for 45 years.

So do you déjà vu? Tell me about your experience with it…how does it work for you? Have you had any unique experiences?


One thought on “Do You Déjà Vu?

  1. Sure do! Back when i was drawing cartoons i would have a dream about a new character and meet a real version of that person a while later. In one case a character i named Dr Zodiak showed up in my life. He recognized some of my other characters as people he had met. It was spooky. There were events and general concepts that came to me in the same way. Like you, i have always had dreams that have been clues to my future.

    Rather than see time as an illusion, although it and all of our perceptions surely are, i like the idea that the Universe is all information in process. The present is the current state of the process, which is made up of an infinite number of repeated cycles, like fractals. Since the present is/contains a memory of all past cycles, they can be projected quite accurately into the future. The near future is easy, with the uncertainty increasing farther down the road. When it is concepts being foretold, without some strict timeline, dreams can really get spooky.

    When i was about 5 years old, right after WW II, I had a dream about Santa. I dreamed that i was in our living room, with the tree and presents all around when i heard some noise coming from the chimney. Soot was falling and i could hear someone muttering. Then a pair of black boots came into view. I was sure it was Santa, but instead it was Hitler waving his Luger and threatening to kill us all.

    That dream stuck with me like glue. It wasn’t until years later, when i was deep in the study hallucinogenic fungi that i discovered the symbolism of Santa and the ancient warrior cults, comes from the same sacred fungus, the amanita muscaria. The black boots weren’t the only connection between those two. =-)

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