Destination 2012

The closer we get to that date the more the event becomes clearer in my mind, December 21, 2012 the supposed end date of the Mayan calendar. Hollywood has turned it into the literal catastrophic end of the world, throwing away it’s true meaning as the end of an age…and the start of a new one.

Is It The Rapture?
I have spent much time deprogramming my family and friends from this mis-conception about the end of the Mayan calendar, driven largely in the U.S. by the extremist Christian idea of “The Rapture“. These Christians who have infected Western media (and collective mind) with their warped idea of Christianity have turned an entire generation into cowering ignoramuses.

I have studied the work of John Major Jenkins, José Argüelles, Gregg Braden, Peter Russell and many others with insightful opinions and have come to the conclusion that:

(1) whatever is going to happen on that date has already begun, that it will be the peak of the event…and that

(2) if something is going to happen it will be a good thing and not what Hollywood or the Christian right are championing.

I have also discovered that we have the choice to believe or not.

My Hope
My hope is that in this new age, we as a species will come to accept our connection to each other and everything around us. That nature and the world is not something outside of us. That we are not apart from nature, but instead, that we are a part of nature and as such have a responsibility to take care of each other and our world. If we can agree that we are all made of the same God stuff, doesn’t that make it easier to see how we are all connected? Then how is it that we lost this sense of connectedness? Materialism, commercialism perhaps…?

The Nous Age
There is no way to stop our date with destiny…so sit back and enjoy the ride. The Nous Age is Here…if you want it!


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