Exploration: Past Life Regression

Dolores Cannon is a past-life regressionist and hypnotherapist who specializes in the recovery and cataloging of what can be called “lost knowledge”. Some of her discoveries have been controversial (Conversations with Nostradamus, Keepers of the Garden) to say the least, others simply fascinating. Her roots in hypnosis go back to the 1960s. She has been specializing in past-life therapy since 1979.

As you may already know I have been reading some of her work for quite some time now (Convoluted Universe 1, Convoluted Universe 2 and now her latest book Convoluted Universe 3) and referencing some of her amazing lost knowledge discoveries here.

Visiting Montreal
In July 2008 it was my distinct honour to interview her while she was here in Montréal for a conference and to teach her hypnotherapy technique to a class full of eager student’s. Despite being here in Montréal her schedule only permitted a telephone interview but that didn’t deter us one bit from quickly getting into concepts of consciousness, 2012 prophecy and The New Earth.

The following are the ten questions I posed to her. To hear Dolores’ response to my question click on the ‘play’ icon below each question. (ex. )

The Interview

Q1. Tell me about your regression technique, how did you develop it?

Q2. What makes your technique special?

Q3.What was your original reaction when you realized what you had stumbled on?

Q4. How do you deal with skeptics?

Q5. Could you elaborate a little on this idea of “The New Earth”?

Q6. Will people notice any changes?

Q7. I’m reading a book by physics professor Amit Goswami [1][2][3] called “The Self Aware Universe” (1995) where he makes a case for the idea that in the evolutionary process consciousness came before matter…that the only “reality” is consciousness…and that matter is a by-product of consciousness itself rather than the other way around. Is this idea consistent with your research”? In Convoluted Universe 2 one of your subjects said that the afterlife experience is more real than what we (in this life) perceive as reality…

Q8. …when I clarified Amit Goswami’s thesis, by saying that he is scientifically proving what she’s been saying she reacted like this…

Q9. Based on your research what would you say is God?

Q10. Is God consciousness?

I believe that our modern world is based on fundamentally flawed conceptions of time and mind and that on this shaky foundation we have built a civilization which as it grows is becoming increasingly shaky (see, stock market and political news). Dolores Cannon’s work is helping to expose the need to rethink all of our grand assumptions and to establish a new paradigm.

You can order her book(s) through her website or at Amazon.com

Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon


2 thoughts on “Exploration: Past Life Regression

  1. I believe she is on to something, but I do also believe that the concept of time, is being corrupted by our technological advancement! Because the pressure on our economic system would greatly prefer that time do not exist, because time cost money, and reduce profits!!! Our world is geared toward mesurements, and our economic system, wants to measure everything in $$$, but time is making competition to that unique measure.
    Because it takes time for trees to grow big enough to be usable by that market, and to take even more expension, this economic system needs to get rid of time, because resources on Earth are getting scarcer and scarcer, thus soon to force us looking for them in space! And so far traveling in space cost a big deal of time, and time is also relative to the size of a planet!
    So everything there is link together! If we go on Mars to get resources, the time there, won’t be the same as on Earth, and this difference in time (adding the time to travel) will cost so much, that bringing such minerals from any other locations than Earth, won’t make economic senses!!
    So for our beloved leaders of this world, Time must become a relic of the past (irony here).

  2. Also, on the other aspect she covers, Quantum mechanics shows that the state of matter originate from the observer consciousness.
    So in essence, reality might be just a dream… It is why the only riches we can gain in this life, isn’t about material success, but about learning from life! What we are learning is the only true value of this Universe!

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