Alan Watts, Love Everything

I just discovered this amazing little video and wanted to share it here as a thought provoker as more and more people are drawn toward The Nous Age and what it is. I have never felt the peace I feel while looking up, out into the Universe with my Meade telescope. It’s the greatest show on Earth!


6 thoughts on “Alan Watts, Love Everything

    • Kim, the worldwide realization of what Alan Watts is describing here is what I believe will be the great spiritual shift we’ve been hearing about. The gateway to the so-called New Earth… The more people who ponder/meditate/pray on this idea, the better we will all be.

  1. I attacked the problem from the opposite direction and still came to the same conclusion that if you love the universe or the people you will eventually end up loving yourself. The journey is to discover the self. You need to read the great poet Allam Iqbal who wrote so much on “self”

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