The Universe is Conscious

Our Universe is conscious. It is aware of and responding to it’s surroundings. What we perceive as our own individual consciousness is in fact simply a part of what can be called Universal Consciousness. Our ‘local’ consciousness can be seen as being like a drop of water that is a part of an infinite ocean. It is both the drop and the ocean simultaneously and so are we. This is my clearest and most direct explanation of The Nous Age Principle.

Creating Matter
Contrary to what science has been telling us, consciousness is not created by the brain…in fact it might be ventured to say that consciousness itself …creates matter! But that is the subject of a different post.

The Problem Solver
This problem of consciousness is the geocentrism of our time. Accepting that the Earth is one of several planets that orbits the Sun instantly solved countless mathematic problems created by the geocentric model. Likewise, accepting the idea that consciousness is the ground of all being will solve many so-called “problems” that science prefers remain in-the-closet. Problems like: telepathy, deja-vu, remote viewing, precognition, paranormal activity, etc.

Yearning for a new way will not produce it. Only ending the old way can do that. – Neale Donald Walsch

I believe the paradigm shift necessary to accept this idea is imminent and will be the dawn of what I’ve dubbed The Nous Age…it’s here if you want it!

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4 thoughts on “The Universe is Conscious

  1. There are several scales of consciousness, it is why we do have a social consciousness (defining the evolution of races or ethnic groups), and individual one (which gave us our distinctive traits and make others recognize us, or look ugly or beautiful). Both are use to direct our evolution. But of course there is more! Our planet has one, our solar system has one and our Galaxy has one too… That of course includes the Universe, or should I say the Universes.

    Accepting ideas, will mean accepting new perspectives to look our reality from! It is part of our evolution. Accepting the idea that there are mens and women, creates differencesm but when we accept the idea that we are all basically Humans at roots of our essential values, then differences becomes similarity. Because we are basically all the same, but like a recipe, our ingredients are not mixed in the same order.

    Actually, if you seed an essential idea into someone mind, you can change the social consciousness, then change the world! Its how different scales of consciousness are link together….

    P.S: by the way, I am also from Montreal and a free thinker!!

  2. My understanding is that there are 7 levels of consciousness…which is where the idea of “7th heaven” comes from. Each of the levels of consciousness rests at a different frequency, our ‘job’ here on Earth is to rise through the different levels with the goal of returning to Source or 7th heaven. We are currently in the densest level, with the lowest vibration.

  3. Very interesting Cindy. Based on my study there are 12 “levels of consciousness” (to refer to it your way). I believe that ancient cultures left us inalterable clues through the millennia to point us in that direction. Mathematically (and musically) there are also 12 semi-tones, or frequencies to climb through to get through the octave. It’s also quite possible that there are 12 octaves to climb through as well…. I have the feeling this will be the subject of a future post. :0)

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