2012: What On Earth Is Going On?

4 thoughts on “2012: What On Earth Is Going On?

  1. ‘What on Earth is going on’ was insightful and resonated with me on many levels. I particularly enjoyed hearing about the Electomagnetic Poles and the effect on the Pineal gland’s DMT production, producing visions…Fascinating!
    I particularly liked the comment regarding the end of time in the Mayan calender as the ‘End of Time, not the End of Life!
    Thank you for posting David!

    • Even the Judeo-Christian idea of Armageddon has been taken in the wrong way too. Jesus said he would be with us until the end of the Age…perhaps he meant the end of “the age of Pisces”, that the coming age of Aquarius wouldn’t require the need for a saviour because we would find the true saviour within ourselves!

      In Daniel Pinchbeck’s book ‘Breaking Open the Head’ ( http://amzn.to/nirZam ) he eludes to the idea that DMT production from the pineal gland does not really produce “visions” as much as it may unlock or open a new door to perception.

  2. Re: The book ref. I will look into it.
    True, ‘visions’ implies something outside of oneself…a reality is immersion coming from oneself. I read ‘The Teachings of Don Juan’ in my teens and adored the series…funny, it has come up in conversation a few times this week, I thought it was my focus due to my recent trip to Santa Fe, perhaps I should revisit the books. Glad to be in touch.

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