A Clarification

BEFORE WE GO ANY FURTHER I’d like to say that this website (and coming book) is not a “conspiracy theory” website. I realize that a lot of the posts that seem to get the most attention are the secret society revealed posts like:  Jesus’ Baptism and 2012 and Is This Liberty?, but those posts are just investigations into what I have come to believe in, from an anthropologic standpoint.

Here’s What I Believe

  • I believe that the Universe is conscious in a way that we perhaps will never be able to truly understand.
  • I believe that it’s that consciousness that we have mistaken for ‘God’ for the last 5-thousand years and science today is starting to recognize and PROVE that idea scientifically.
  • I also believe there existed at least one (possibly many) pre-historic civilization(s) that already knew this and built their culture(s) around it.

Not only do I believe that everything in this Universe evolved from the same “stuff” (see: Big Bang Theory) over the last 13-billions years, but I also believe that everything in this Universe is animated by the same singular consciousness. A consciousness which existed eternally ∞, even before the existence of space-time.

Levels of Consiousness
While there may be differing levels of consciousness between things… a rock is not at the same level as a tree which is not at the same level as a dog who is not at the same level as a human, etc. …everything is indeed conscious and directly connected to the source consciousness and by default …we are all connected to each other.

This website is a science, meets spirituality, meets archaeology website. I hope that clarifies it. :0)

I know you are as anxious to ask me a question as I am to answer you. You can send me a question by clicking comments below or through VYou.com here


4 thoughts on “A Clarification

  1. Honestly, David, I do not think you needed to clarify, however, I’m sure you’re glad you did.

    I believe in what you are doing. You may not always get the “searches” you are hoping for yet, those searches lead people to your blog, and hence, traffic. I think the seed you are planting is going to grow big and huge in many of those who are open.

    I love your blog BTW

    Really proud!

    • Connie, thank you for your comment I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. Based on experience, I know I probably will not be able to convince you of anything, all I ask is that you keep an open mind and reflect on my words.

      If “in the beginning” there was only God (this is what I believe BTW) and from that God created everything, how did he do this when the only raw material was God? He created us using the only thing he had on hand…namely, himself. I’m sure that you are also aware of the idea that our body is the “temple of God” and that is because that spark of life inside of you, your soul/spirit is God himself living inside of you. Contemplate this on a practical level and you will come to understand what I believe, God is consciousness…

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